The Toria 8001 is used for welding tape on all kinds of fabrics with the help of hot air in order to seal seams or to increase the strength of ultrasonic stitches.

  • results on medical fabrics.
  • It has an adjustable multi-program touch screen.
  • It produces fast and standard work as a result of its programmable automatic distance and cutting range.
  • The speed of the lower and upper differentials can be adjusted automatically and independently of each other. Automatically adjustable pressure unit on the screen.
  • Adjustable pressure setting offers easy adaptation to a variety of fabric types.
  • High-tech alarm and information system.
  • Digital pressure gauges.
  • High-tech heat resistance that can be adjusted to up to 750°C and reacts quickly.
  • Hot air nozzle adjustable in three different axes.

Technical Specifications

Power 4.100 watt
Optional Wheel Widths 8-40 mm
Speed 23 m/min.
Pressure > 0.7 bar
Top Wheel Width 25.4 mm
Bottom Wheel Width 31 mm
Size 1200 x 710 x 1771 mm
Weight 150 kg
Maximum Temperature 750 °C
Nozzle Tip 22 mm