EPA 744 

  • Designed for use in all bonding applications
  • Has 3 easy to change ironing units with vacuum
  • Vacuum on-off system in loading and unloading
  • Max 800 x 300mm working area
  • Homogeneous heat distribution thanks to the sensitive heating system
  • Excellent adhesion thanks to the air cooling unit
  • Optional: Water cooling system
  • Automatic pressure and time setting via digital display
    Precisely adjustable PLC controlled thermostats and environmentally friendly heat insulation
  • Self vacuum motor system and ability to be connected to central vacuum
  • Adjustable pressure stroke setting
    Wide selection of molds
  • High strength long lasting ironing zone coatings
  • All kinds of safety precautions have been taken for the operator
  • The machine has CE certificate

Technical specifications

Size2060 x 1800 x 1850 mm
Weight820 Kg
Electricity380-400 V
Power4.800 kW
Compressed6-8 bar
Air Consumption70 nl/min