F.A.R.I.TEX srl has a wide range of industrial sewing machines and automats as well as original spare parts and accessories. Our specialized team of technicians favors the latest innovations from the most prestigious brands. Here you can find hundreds of products such as needles, variety of pressing foot, tailoring chalks, pencils, felt-tip pens, labels, labeling machines, stickers, lamps, spotlights, scissors, staplers, belts, cutters, blades, pneumatic fittings, cylinders, binders. We also have service guides for machines of industrial sewing and even spare parts for ironing equipment, etc.

F.A.R.I.TEX SRL was founded in the late 60s and quickly gained a leading position in providing high-quality sewing solutions for the clothing industry.

F.A.R.I.TEX offers a wide range of products, including wholesale and retail sewing machines, spare parts and accessories, as well as repair and maintenance services to meet the needs of its customers. Additionally, it provides custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of its customers. With a large stock of high-quality machines, accessories, and spare parts, F.A.R.I.TEX is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support to ensure the success and growth of its customers in the clothing industry.

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specialized technical team has three decades of experience in the repair of industrial sewing machines, ironing and cutting as well as embroidery machines.

Rely on them, even for a comparison between products, so you can find the one that comes closest to your needs of the moment.

Do you want to customize your sewing machine? The highly qualified mechanics F.A.R.I.TEX can suggest the best way to go to optimize the equipment you already have but if necessary can resort to a wide range of original spare parts and accessories in case you need to make changes.

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ROBOTECH is the leading manufacturer of industrial sewing machines in Turkey with its high-tech products, experienced employees and mechanics, its all customer-oriented service policy and international vision.

Having become exclusive partners for Italy of such a global reality is a source of great satisfaction for us at F.A.R.I.TEX srl and pushes us to do better every day.

TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION- Robotech AG was founded in 1997 by IT engineer Mr. Hüseyin Çetin in Istanbul to carry out projects and produce automated sewing systems. Robotech AG is the first company established in Turkey in this field that develops everything in-house, from design to programming, production to research & developm

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