Toria 8003 - Hot-Air Seamless Sealing Tape Welding and Creasing Machine

  • Toria 8003 is used for joining the pre-prepared fabrics
  • Thanks to its double heating nozzle, it performs high quality bonding at low temperatures
  • Single nozzle can be operated when desired
    Precise speed adjustment can be made thanks to servo control
  • Thanks to the computer-controlled heat setting, the temperature can be adjusted with high precision
    Homogeneous heat distribution thanks to precise blowing adjustment
  • Precise pressure adjustment
  • The machine is PLC controlled
  • The machine has CE certificate

Technical Specfications

Power2.100 watt
Speed10 m/min
Pressure2-6 bar
Upper Wheel Width23 mm
Lower Wheel Width30 mm
Size1200x590x1510 mm
Maximum Temperature550 °C