R-H 2242-TD

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Skip stiches are a common problem in the high-speed manual sewing operation of the taping on the pocket bags of trousers and jackets. This is mostly caused due to the round shape of the pocket bag. R-H 2242-TD is an automated sewing machine designed to provide the best feeding at high speeds without skip-stithes for the closing of the trouser-bag edges with auto-tape feeding. The fabric transport system with the top transport gear behind the presser foot is designed to perform ideal feeding . The adjustable eliptical feeding of the top transport gear allows same length of feeding for the tape and the pocket-bag edge, preventing the skip stitches especially in higher speeds. The tape cutting system allows cutting of the tape at stitch start and stitch end.


500 - 550 bags / 1 Hour
4000 - 4400 bags / 8 Hours


  • Stitch length adjustment : Push-button
  • Differential feed ratio adjustment : Lever with micro-adjustment
  • Tape cutting system at stitch start and stitch end.
  •  Lubrication : Fully-automatic


  • No skip stitches on the curve shape
  • Perfect quality on the trouser pocket bag
  • Neat performance on attaching of coated tapes
  • Very high stiching speed
  • Adjustable rear top-transport
  • Adjustable tape feeding according to type of the tape fabric and stitching speed


  • Max. machine speed (sti/min) : 6000
  • No. of needles: 2 , No. of threads: 5
  • Needle space: 3, 5 mm
  • Overedge width: 4, 5, 6 mm
  • Top feed dog Front-to-back movement : 1-6 mm
  • Top feed dog Up-to-down movement : 3.5 mm


  • L: 85 cm / W: 105 cm / H: 120 cm
  • Packing Size : 127 cm x 89 cm x 145 cm
  • Machine Net Weight : approx. 110 kg
  • Machine Gross Weight : approx. 135 kg