R-BE 9820-01

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Improved thread catching structure to avoid thread fall off.Special processing of gears and cams led to a significant reduction in noise and vibration levels by a scientifically tested 8-10 dB. This greatly improves the operator comfort and efficiency.


  • Improved pipe port to make connection much easier.
  • Improved looper and thread pick-up, machine can stitch different fabrics with different threads.
  • 3.0mm-wide zigzag sewing, after-sewing cutting.
  • 2 pieces of polyester serge (one side of one piece has a layer).
  • Span thread: #40
  • Tension force of end thread: 30g
  • Sewing speed: 2,500 rpm
  • The machine controlled by servo system, it makes the patterns accurate even in high speed
  • stitching. Servo control system avoids the initial position checking.
  • R-W 9820-01 has liquid crystal display (LCD), supported by icon and character display.
  • Makes it easier for the operator to understand the setting or changing of the sewing modes


  • Max. Sewing Speed : 2.500 r.p.m
  • Zigzag sewing width (factory setting) : 2.5mm
  • Length of stream thread : 0-20mm
  • Single phase : 100V/200V
  • Three phases : 200V/220V/380V/400V, 400VA


  • L: 110 cm / W: 60 cm / 71 cm
  • Packing Size : 130 cm x 77 cm x 115 cm
  • Machine Net Weight : approx. 151 kg
  • Machine Gross Weight : approx. 171 kg