MG 2000

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This high-performance blind stitch sewing machine MG 2000 for the standardized and fast fabrication of double-folded belt loops for the classic trousers. The loops come out of the mchine with inserted tapes and are also automatically steam ironed during the process. The machine OPTINALLY comes with an Auto-Cutter system.


800 - 1000 Belt Loops / 8 hours


  • Maier 221 Interval Sewing Head
  • Mechanically Adjustable Apparatus Changing System from 8 mm to 10 mm
  • Upper and Lower Fabric Cutting Diamond Blades
  • System of Adjusting Apparatus Height According to Fabric Thickness
  • Upper feed dog in front the needle provides a perfect feeding of the fabric
  • Has a steam-ironing system - with connection to an external steam
  • Interlining fabric feeding is from the top


  • Cutting system with Length adjustments from the Control Panel


  • Classic Trousers Belt Loops


  • L: 120 cm / W:70 cm / H : 110 cm
  • Packing Size : 128 cm x 89 cm x 145 cm
  • Machine Net Weight : approx. 200 kg
  • Machine Gross Weight : approx. 240 kg