JP 9200-IX

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Automatic sewing machine JP 9200-IX is designed for sewing one and two-pointed as well as tapered breast darts on men’s jacket and blazers. Easy handling and maintenance


300 Darts or 150 Jacket / 1 hour
2400 Darts or 1200 Jacket / 8 hours


  • Brother Direct Drive Sewing Head
  • PLC Control Unit
  • Beijer Electronics. Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Easy to use Operator Panel with Graphics and with 50 Different Programming
  • Motion Control Unit with X/Y Axis Program
  • Panasonic AC Servo Motor& Driver Controlled Clamp Unit on X Axis
  • Sewing head moving on the Y axis
  • Standardization for different jacket breast darts models up to 400 mm length
  • Sequential/Cycle Programming for different jacket breast darts models
  • Standardization for different jacket breast darts models up to 400 mm length
  • Automatic Thread Cutting and Cleaning System at the end of sewing
  • Fixed-needles-system to ensure the easy sliding of the folded fabric
  • Vacuumed suction to facilitate firm placing of the fabric on machine
  • A compact machine by Specially Designed Loading Device and Stacking Unit
  • Vacuum motor connection preparing unit
  • Error Detecting System
  • Thread monitor


  • Single-pointed darts are sewn from the pocket opening to the point. This ensures a slim, neat point without untidy dimples
  • For accurate sewing of checks and stripes the front part cuttings are positioned exact by alligning with a laser beam
  • The darts are cut open by a multiaxial, height-adjustable & DC Motor controlled, horizontal slitting mechanism right up to the point
  • The required dart length and waist-point height can be programmed for every size without a need to change the guide rail
  • The beginning of the seam can be secured with back-tack or with condensed stitches
    The end of the seam is secured with stitch condensation


  • Device for aligning iron-on reinforcing strip in the dart point
  • Extra Reference Lasers
  • Vacuum Motor


  • Jacket Breast Dart Stitch Length: 80 mm - 400 mm
  • Jacket Breast Dart Stitch Depth : 2 mm - 28 mm
  • Max. Sewing Speed : 4.300 r.p.m
  • Max. Stitch Length : 0,5 or 3,0 mm
  • Stitch Type : 301 ( Lockstitch )
  • Condensed Stitches at Start & End of Seam : 1,0 - 3,0 mm
  • Connection Voltage: AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Air Pressure : 6 bar


  • L : 160 cm / W: 110 cm / H: 130 cm
  • Packing Size : 186 cm x 120 cm x 145 cm
  • Machine Net Weight : approx. 230 kg
  • Machine Gross Weight : approx. 270 kg