Tagliacuce Avanzata Con Pannello Touch Screen

Fully digital pneumatic overlock machine with control via touch screen display. Digital presser foot lift of 6.5 mm thanks to the automatically lowering feed teeth. Intelligent recognition of fabric and thicknesses. High speed

Touch Screen Panel

Select the type of seam, adjust the speed and activate the various additional functions with a touch: the dynamic graphics and voice guidance will teach you how to best use it.


A long press on the icon is enough to change the settings of the corresponding function. Furthermore, in the general menu you will find the parameters divided by category or the entire list with description.

Digital Footlifter

You can adjust the presser foot lift and the teeth of the feed dog, without the need for tools or mechanical settings. Furthermore, the teeth of the feed dig descend below the work surface, increasing the space by 54%.

Short Thread Cut

Thanks to the automatic electric chaicutter controlled by the photocells, after cutting the thread remain within 5mm both in front and behind.

Acceleration And Deceleration

Response increased by 14.3%: acceleration from 0 to 6000rpm in 120ms; deceleration from 6000 rpm to 0 in 180ms.

Chaincutter Wasted Suction

Electro-pneumatic thread cutting device for chain stitch suction and cutting.

Fabric Recognition

The machine automatically recognizes the type of fabric by adjusting the feed dog, or it can be set manually. It also recognizes any thicknesses by increasing the motor torque and raising the feed dog teeth. There is also the mesh fabric mode.

3 Sewing Modes

Manual mode with full use of the pedal, semi-automatic with the use of the pedal for sewing but cutting and presser foot lift are automatic thanks to the photocells and finally automatic where the machine works only with the photocells.


Used for automatic stitching and short thread cutting, they increase the precision and ease of use of the machine: making this machine within everyone's reach.

Operating Guide

Let the machine help you: there are tips, operation guides, quality control and product heads. *The machine has integrated an interface compatible with the Jack garment hanging system.

WiFi Industry 4.0

Thanks to the integrated wifi it is possible to connect to the machine from the App or from the WebApp on PC to control production, modify the parameters and receive maintenance notifications wherever you are thanks to the Jack cloud. (IOT: Internet of things)