FX 6300 EXT - IX

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Long seams such as sleeve lining seams, Jacket lining, Jacket side and Jacket back seams are sewn by the sewing unit FX 6300 EXT - IX with a constant high quality.


250 Pieces of Front or Back Edge / 1 Hour
2000 Pieces of Front or Back Edge / 8 Hours


  • Pegasus EXT 3216 Five thread Variable top feed safety stitch sewing head
  • Long version Machine, frame with adjustable height providing the possibility of working from the side
  • Beijer Electronics , Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch screen Control Panel
  • Easy to use, with Graphics on the Operator Panel with 50 Programming and Cycle Operation
  • Feature to operate with all sides in order/cycle programming
  • PLC Control Unit
  • Sewing Motor : AC Servo Motor ( Optional : EFKA Mini Stop Motor )
  • Stitching starts automatically with photocell data feed
  • Thread cutting and suction at stitch beginning and end
  • Fabric edge controller which regulates and guides the entry of the work into the machine ( Zippy)
  • Air blowing holes on the table provides easy flow of fabric
  • Top palette carrier with step motor controller moves the work to the stacker
  • Graphic program for using the lower-upper fullness on desired places
  • Differential top and bottom feed with step motor for different fullness values
  • Differential top and bottom feed with step motor enables the processing of stretch material
  • Pneumatic fast stacking
  • Extra working table
  • Yarn waste compartment


  • Universal Stacking


  • Jacket Sleeve lining with skip stich
  • Jacket lining, Jacket side seam, Jacket back seam


  • Max. Sewing Speed : 6.500 r.p.m
  • Max. Stitch Length : 1 or 3,8 mm
  • Connection Voltage: AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Air Pressure : 6 bar


  • L : 155 cm / W: 105 cm / 120 cm
  • Packing Size : 186 cm x 117 cm x 145 cm
  • Machine Net Weight : approx. 145 kg
  • Machine Gross Weight : approx. 185 kg