Flatbed Pattern Field Machine

Flatbed Pattern Field machine, new concept of Pattern Field machine with work space that can be reduced thanks to the folding table. Touch panel has been completely revisited with integrated WIFI. The loading of the templates is quick and easy thanks to the RFID reading of the program. Double movement of the thread trimmer knife to cut the short thread at 4mm .

Foldable Table

The space is small: 1200mmx1535mm (1300mm after folding), the two sewing ranges can be switched freely: just move the beam to the left or right according to the range mark, you can switch the two sewing ranges, when change to sew a smaller area, you can put down the folding table to save space.

German Design

The machine head inherits the design of the other Jack machines, with a German industrial style, excellent workmanship, particular attention to detail, simple, atmospheric. The head is surrounded by three frame parts and the overall machine is aesthetically very beautiful.

Touch Panel

The operation panel is consistent with Jack's family appearance. The machine is fully integrated and perfectly connected to the surface that surrounds it. The panel is innovative, intuitive, equipped with three colored buttons to manage the operations on the screen, the emergency stop, the pressure on the frame, the sewing designs.

Intelligent Sewing Foot

The central presser foot works perfectly in concert with the needle. When the needle go up and releases the material, the central presser foot can press down the fabric, preventing it from being dragged away with the needle. Problems of tearing, loosening, and thread coming out are prevented.

RFID Reader

The radio frequency reader reads magnetic disks where it is possible to save the sewing design countless times. When you approach the template, the reader will automatically change the drawing.

Window For Easy Replacement

A simple window has been designed for quick hook change, without the need to turn the machine.

Double Knife Movement

Double movement of the knife to reduce the residual thread to the end of the fabric. The thread trimming is short less than 4mm, it is not need to cut it further, saving labor costs.

Industry 4.0 (Optional)

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines.