Flatbad Chainstitch 1-2-3 Needle

Semi Dry Head

The head is lubricated by grease, this completely avoids all oil related problems to have a clean seam. DLC needle bar (Carbon)

Energy Saving

71% energy savings thanks to the built-in servo eco motor, which ensures efficient and silent work.

New Design And Easy Installation

The new mechatronic design, the beautiful and modern line of the machine, the quick and easy installation, saves time and effort.

Easy To Use And Easy To Learn

The panel is simple and the monitoring and adjustment of various functional parameters are more intuitive and convenient, easy to learn and use.

Automatic Presser Foot Lifter

In addition to being functional, the device is integrated into the design of the machine.

Two Needle Positions

It is possible to set the high and low needle position from the digital display.

Puller (PL) Optional

Equipped with a rear pulling device (puller-PL) and a bottom roller device, the feeding is easier and the stitches are more beautiful.