Edge Cutter Top Feed Overlock Machine


An LCD display has been added to control the new functions such as automatic sewing, photocells and the chaincutter from the panel.

Three Sewing Modes

Automatic: works through sensors without the use of the pedal Semi-Automatic: works with automatic presser foot lifter and automatic chain cutter Manual: work by selecting the relevant aids from the panel


The photocells allow you to start and finish the seam automatically, as well as activate the chaincutter and the foot lifter.

Automatic Electric Chaincutter

Thanks to the photocells, the electronic presser foot lifter and chaincutter are automatic at the end of the seam.

Optimized Feeding Structure

Feeding synchronized with the feed dog, both thin and soft tissues as well as thick fabrics can be fed evenly.

Top Feed

Thanks to the selector it is easy to adjust the difference ratio between the upper and lower feeds.

Optimized Needle Bar Structure

Fully enclosed needle bar construction and DLC (diamond like carbon) machining of the needle bar surface.

LED Light

The adjustable brightness guarantees the precision of threading without straining the eyes.

Direct Drive Motor

Thanks to the integrated, energy-saving motor, the time required for assembling the machine is reduced to a minimum.