Standard Overlock With L/M/H Selector
Overlock machine with integrated high energy saving motor with advanced functions, standby, advanced mechanical structure with integrated oil system to avoid leaks and large sewing space. The machine has a brand new button to select the feed of the machine base on the thickness of the material to work on.

L/M/H Selector

By means of a lever it is possible to change the inclination of the feed dog according to the type of light, medium or heavy futy fabric, this allows to meet the various work needs. (PATENTED)

Quick Response

The response time is shortened by 40-50% both at start and at stop, sewing is easier and the sewing speed is greater, efficiently increases productivity.

Vincolo Ritorno Dell'olio

Il meccanismo racchiuso della barra d'ago e una speciale bacinella per la lubrificazione della barra d'ago, prevengono le fuoriuscite di olio e assicurano delle cuciture pulite.

One Key Reset

Through the intelligent panel it is possible to reset the machine, adjust the LED light, easily adjust the parameters and learn the main operations.

Un Albero Unico

E' ridotta la torsione della macchina, ed è assicurata una maggiore stabilità durante la corsa, la velocità di cucitura aumenta e si ha più durabilità.