Digitalized Overlock With Automatic Thickness Adjustment
Advanced high speed digital sewing machine (7000rpm) with voice guide. Light / Medium / Heavy Duty digital selector; Automatic recognition of materials and thicknesses; Digital presser foot lifter; Short cut; Photocells for automatic sewing.

Large Space Under The Foot Lift

The space has been increased by 54% (from 4.2mm to 6.5mm). After the presser foot has been raised from the servo drive, the feed dog is lowered. You can place 8-12 layers of jeans while sewing without damaging or scratching them: the feed dog will automatically readjust during normal sewing.


Efficienza aumentata del 35%. Response increased by 14.3%: acceleration from 0 to 6000rpm in 120ms.


Response increased by 14.3%: deceleration from 6000 rpm to 0 in 180ms.

Digital Presser Foot Lifter

One button adjusts the presser foot lifter / feed dog height, without the need for tools or mechanical settings as driven by a controlled stepping motor conveniently from the digital display.

Recognition Of Thicknesses

Intelligent recognition when sewing thicknesses with consequent automatic reduction of speed and strength increase, making the seam smoother.

Digital Auto L / M / H Selector

With one click you can choose between light / medium / Heavy Duty material or have the machine do it independently.

Noise Reduction

Thanks to the step motors, we were able to reduce noise by guaranteeing 75dB at 6000rpm during sewing, 70dB during cutting and also during the lifting of the presser foot.

Voice Guide

Learn the new functions thanks to the voice guide, otherwise you can only use it for errors and how to fix them, by clicking on the VOICE button.

Short Thread

Thanks to the automatic electric cutter controlled by the photocells, the cut is 5mm both in front and behind.

3 Sewing Modes

Manual with complete use of the pedal, semi-automatic with the use of the pedal while cutting and presser foot lifters are automatic thanks to the photocells and finally automatic where the machine works only with the photocells.


Used for automatic sewing and short cutting, they increase the precision and ease of use of the machine: making this machine affordable for everyone.

Industry 4.0

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines