Advanced Lockstitch With Digital Feed Dog Movement And Oversized Arm, Semi-Dry
Lockstitch with digital feed dog movement, fabric thickness detection, 300mm arm, dry head and double knives for 3mm short thread remaining. Automatic thread trimmer, automatic footlifter, silent digital back tack, digital stitch adjustment, and sewing motifs. Electric tension disc opener, elongated needle bar compass. Sealed oil pan and direct dive motor

Digital Feed Dog Movement

4 elliptical movements depending on the fabric you use, choose between normal, smooth, soft or heavy fabric.

Fabric Thickness Detection

Thanks to a sensor, the machine detects a different thickness and modifies the movement of the feed dog and engine torque, to always maintain the same stitch length even on unevenness.

Sewing Motifs

You can create beautiful ornamental stitches, thanks to the alternating stitch length. They can also be modified according to different needs.

Digital Stitch Length

Thanks to the new stepper motor that controls the bartack, it was possible to remove the classic mechanical lever and make its use much more silent and simple with a button.

Silent Bartack

Thanks to the structure of the stepper motor for electronic bartack, the noise has been drastically reduced: this allows you to work in a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

No Oil

The oil pan is sealed, prevents the entry of dust, keeping the machine clean and resistant, ensuring perfect lubrication.

Voice Guide

Using the machine, it will teach you the various functions itself, if there are any errors it will notify you and by clicking on the VOICE button it will suggest how to solve the problem.

Short Thread - 2 Knives

You no longer need to cut the remaining thread: this avoids the risk of ruining the work and saves time and money. Furthermore, it is possible to insert the final and / or initial condensation stitch to avoid the decay of the point.


Dry head : No oil, the head is lubricated with grease. Black DLC Needle Bar : Diamond Like Carbon, is the treatment that is used to give high hardness and wear resistance

Oversize Arm

305mm × 128mm Large operating space, easy work insertion, even down jackets, padded jackets can be stitched without problems.

Industry 4.0 IOT (Optional)

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can change the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines