JACK 8787

Cylinderbed Interlock For Heavy Duty

Rhombic Arm Structure

The shape of the cylinder and the distance of only 20 mm from the edge of the machine to the foot facilitate the approach of the fabric

High Quality Parts

We have taken care of every detail in order to achieve maximum performance while maintaining the quality of the stitch and simplicity when sewing.


Controlled by an electromagnet, it rises up to 7mm to facilitate the insertion of thick material.

Thread Trimmer (UT)

The version with integrated thread trimmer is also available to automatically cut the thread at the end of the seam, saving time and money.

Improved Bottom Threading

The new threading system makes the lower thread smoother in the passages, furthermore the thread dust does not enter the thread trimmer making it more stable and longer lasting and resistant over time.

Suitable For Heavy Fabrics

The structure of the entire machine has been designed to be used easily even with heavy materials.