JACK 6691

Postbed Machine With Roller Feed
Electronic Postbed machine 1 or 2 needles with roller feed. Equipped with Thread Trimmer, Bartack and Foot lifter. Integrated LCD panel. USB port.

Voice Guide

Using the machine it will teach you the various functions itself, if there are errors it will notify you and by clicking the VOICE button it will suggest how to solve the problem, moreover with a single key you can return to the initial settings.

Double USB Port

The double USB interface allows you to recharge a smartphone, power up a fan, light or other accessories and allow you to update the software for future functions or problem solving.

High Mechatronic Efficiency

t is equipped with automatic thread trimmer, automatic bartack sewing and built-in motor, which can increase efficiency by more than 40%.

Active Upper Roller Feed (-1)

During reverse sewing, the upper roller feed remains active, allowing you to have precise and clean stitches.

High Perforation Capacity

It can penetrate more than 95 layers of A4 paper and the ultra-heavy fabrics of work shoes can be easily sewn.

Short Thread (-X)

The innovative design of the thread trimming mechanism allows the thread to be within 3mm after trimming, eliminating the need to trim the ends, saving time and reducing costs.

Ultraviolet Light

In addition to the dimmable light with multiple shades and intensities, we have added ultraviolet light to increase the visibility of the drawn line of the seam.

Bartack Lever

The bartack lever is on two levels, so that it can be extracted by stretching it, and easily used with the arm while sewing.

Heat Dissipation

The structure of our integrated motor in addition to reducing vibrations and isolating noise, also allows you to extend the life of the machine by dissipating heat.