JACK 5558G

Lockstitch With Edge Cutter And Pipping Device

Edge Cutter

Sew and Cut: activate or deactivate the side trimming knife, this allows you to cut as you sew in the same operation. Furthermore, the space for the clippings collection is 26mm.

Piping Machine (T)

Cutting and Edging in one step: first cut and then edged with this special model.

Direct Drive Motor

It is an integrated compact solution that does not expose dangers. Furthermore, silence is guaranteed: no vibrations, the motor is mounted on a single shaft.

Intuitive Panel

With the + and – keys you can adjust the speed digitally and you can set the needle position.

Integrated Keys

The stitch to stitch key is used for precision work. The LED light is integrated in the machine and is adjustable in 3 levels.

Integrated Bobbin Winder

Wind the bobbin as you work, as soon as it runs out you will already have the next one ready.