9mm Short Arm Zig-Zag Machine

Short arm Zig-Zag machine suitable for sewing and embroidering. Zig-zag adjustable in different widths up to 9 mm ideal on medium-light fabrics. Double use of the knee-lift that can be used to raise the presser foot or to embroider.

Add Stitch Button

In addition to activating the LED light, we have added an electronic button near the needle bar to add stitches with precision even in the most difficult jobs.

Direct Drive Motor

Built-in 550W direct drive motor for efficient energy saving. Integrated panel for maximum speed and needle positioning.

Zig-Zag Width

The width of the zig-zag can reach 9mm and can be controlled by a convenient lever, or by the knee-lift.

Self Lubrication

Automatic oil supply for better lubrication.

Needle Position/strong>

The needle can be moved to 3 positions (central, right and left) thanks to a handy slider: this allows you to sew even in the presence of hinges.