D-BF 420

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The bartack stitches on the back-pocket corners and at the edges of the belt loops damages the fabric during washing; manufacturers began using felt pieces under the bartack stitches. However this operation led to extra man power and time causing extra cost as well as inconsistencies. D-BF 420 is has an electronically controlled automatic felt feeding and cutting system attached to a Brother type head to solve all these in one. Brother type bar tack head is an oil-free, clean and durable machine thanks to the black diamond bar thread pick-up lever and the micro-oil lubrication system direct to the rotary hook. Fabrics are prevented from oil stains.


2000 Pieces / 8 Hours
250 Pieces / 1 Hour


  • Brother Electronic direct drive lockstitch bar tacker
  • Automatic felt cutting and feeding system
  • Felt width - length adjustment feature
  • High speed feeding system
  • Felt feeding and feeding cycle system
  • Minimum Felt Piece Size: Xmm - Ymm


  • Max. Sewing Speed : 3200 r.p.m
  • Max. Stitch Length : 0.05 - 12.7 mm
  • Connection Voltage: AC servo motor 550 W
  • Air Pressure : 6 bar


  • L: 110 cm / W: 60 cm / H: 71 cm
  • Packing Size : 130 cm x 77 cm x 115 cm
  • Machine Net Weight : approx. 151 kg
  • Machine Gross Weight : approx. 171 kg