Advanced Cylinderbed Interlock With Touch Screen Panel
Fully digital cylinder-bed interlock machine controlled by touch screen display. The stitch length is controlled digitally and also thread trimmer and footlifter are controlled by step motor, they are quitter, precise and quicker. Acceleration and deceleration increased. Lubricated needle bar. Multifunctional machine: change the kit and make different type of work like hemming and top-stitching.

Touch Screen Panel

Select the stitch lenght, adjust the speed and activate the various additional functions with a touch: the dynamic graphics and voice guidance will teach you how to best use it.


A long press on the icon is enough to change the settings of the corresponding function. Also in the general menu you will find the parameters divided by category or the entire list with description.

Rhombic Arm Structure

The shape of the cylinder and the distance of only 20 mm from the edge of the machine to the foot facilitate the approach of the fabric.

High Performance

Acceleration from 0 to 5000rpm is just 18ms. Deceleration from 5000rpm to 0 is only 24ms. Furthermore, the maximum speed that can be reached is 6000rpm.

Ceramic Thread Holder

We have taken care of every detail in order to achieve maximum performance while maintaining the quality of the stitch and simplicity when sewing.

New Thread Tensioner Device

For a more precise and personalized adjustment.

Digital Stitch Length

Digitally control the stitch length from the touch screen panel, with a precision of 0.1mm thanks to the dedicated step motor.

Rasafilo Passo-Passo (UT)

Rasafilo Passo-Passo (UT) Il rasafilo è controllato da un motore passo-passo che gli conferisce una rapida risposta e lo rende estremamente silenzioso (-6dB).


The presser foot lifter is also controlled by a step motor making it twice as strong and long lasting as the old magnet.

Wide Adaptability

The material always remains smooth without curling up or creating wrinkles especially on elastic or very light fabrics such as mesh fabric. The foot lifter is also adjustable up to 7mm allowing you to sew even on thick materials.

Operating Guide

Let the machine help you: there are tips, operation guides, quality control and product heads. *The machine has integrated an interface compatible with the Jack garment hanging system.

WiFi Industria 4.0

Thanks to the integrated wifi it is possible to connect to the machine from the App or from the WebApp on PC to control production, modify the parameters and receive maintenance notifications wherever you are thanks to the Jack cloud. (IOT: Internet of things)